About Us

ASD Professional Learning & Universal Support Project


The ASD Professional Learning & Universal Support Project (A+) at Illinois State University assists the Illinois State Board of Education in addressing the significant behavior needs of children and youth with Autism Spectrum (ASD) and related behavior and communication disorders. 

The goals of the A+ project include: 

  • creating a professional learning community for educators, related support personnel, and families supporting children and youth with ASD; 

  • promoting positive behavior growth and increasing the functional communication of children and youth with ASD across environments; 

  • increasing the access and inclusion of children and youth with ASD in schools and communities; and 

  • supporting the meaningful involvement of families in their children’s education.
    Teacher looking over students at the building blocks table.
    The foundation of the A+ project uses high-impact, evidence-based practices delivered through high-quality professional learning and individualized coaching. These methods are critical to improving the behavioral and educational outcomes for children and youth with ASD. Professional learning opportunities offered through the project include FREE professional learning workshops, FREE online professional learning modules, virtual community of practice, and individualized coaching provided both onsite and virtually, free of charge.