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Welcome to the Autism Professional Learning & Universal Supports Project online learning! 

Professional learning available through this page is foundational and is developed at the Universal/Tier 1 level to establish common understanding amongst team members. This section of the website provides short, self-directed modules on topics related to learners with autism. These foundational modules give participants an overview of the selected topic through video presentations, interactive activities, and additional resources. All content developed is based on the Autism Program Environment Rating Scale (APERS), a programmatic assessment of quality indicators for learners with ASD. If you would like further information on more Targeted/ Tier 2 online learning through A+, please contact us at


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This module provides a basic understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Background information about autism is provided as well as a framework for characteristics of ASD.


This module will present information about using visual schedules as part of classroom evidence-based practices. Considerations for implementing schedules, as well as example schedules, are included.


FCT is an essential part of our instruction for students with ASD. This module will review what FCT is and the steps to implement this strategy, and a case study demonstrating FCT implementation.


The process of Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is not only required by law, and it is an essential part of our intervention toolbox for learners with autism. This module presents information about the implementation of FBA.


This module focuses on the basics of understanding behavior including the antecedents, or A; the behavior, or B, and the consequences, or C. This information will guide teams to develop effective supports for learners with autism.


This module provides information on strategies to support personal independence for learners with ASD. This important area is often neglected in our planning and this module will be prepare you to support your learners’ independence.


This module provides information on using prompting to help students with ASD learn a new skill or behavior. Types of prompting strategies and implementation guidelines are provided.


This training is being updated to reflect the most recent ISBE regulations and will be available in January 2023.