This 5 Deep Breath visual helps develop, support, and strengthen learner's social-emotional development by encouraging them to practice deep breaths when feeling upset, anxious, or sad.



Breathing strategies can help students relax when they feel anxious or dysregulated. Use this visual to teach learners a proactive self-regulation breathing strategy they can use in stressful or heated moments and use in all environments.



1. Print, laminate, and display the resource in the calming corner or place it on a clipboard so the visual is portable.
2. Model to students what a deep breath looks like. It may be helpful to place your hand on your stomach to show the students they should feel their stomach rise and fall.
3. Remember to model breathing in through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.
4. Provide time for learners to practice the skill before expecting them to use it in a stressful situation. Share with the learners how deep breathing makes someone feel.
5. When the learner is upset, model and point to the visual. Praise the learner if they imitate the breathing.