A behavior check-in quickly assesses and records the target behavior of the student at the end of a given task, time frame (partial or full day), or class period.



A behavior check-in/check-out system is a great tool to use for a tiered 2 support. It helps provide structure in the students day for those who struggle with motivation to complete tasks, have poor organizational skills or time management. This tool can help increase student accountability throughout the day.

*This example has the added benefit of a token economy.



1. Identify one or more target behaviors for the student.
2. Meet with the student to give them a clear understanding of the what the target behaviors look like and sound like.
3. At the beginning of the time period revisist the target behaviors specific for that environment.
4. Observe the behavior throughout the time period.
5. Check-out with the student at the end of the time period to record how well the student met the behavior expectations for that time period by filling in the corresponding smiley face.
6. Upon meeting the exchange criteria, the learner would be able to exchange their smiley faces for a backup reinforcer.