A Choice Board allows learners to voice their choices in many different situations. A food Choice Board visually displays food choices to the learners to help them identify what they would like to eat.



Choice Boards are an effective tool to use in many situations. Learners can use a Choice Board to access their choice of reinforcement, activities, places they want to go, and people they want to see or talk to. Choice Boards are also used for selecting which toys to play with or what materials to use.



1. Present the Choice Board to the learner. *Ensure it is created in the learner's language and at the cognitive skill level to be an effective tool.
2. Ask the learner to choose from the choices displayed. You may have to point to and read each option.
3. Please wait for the learner to choose by pointing to, taking off, or verbally stating the icon of their choice.
4. Allow the learner to engage in the selected choice immediately. If the learner is making a selection for a reward, write the choice or place the icon on the token board or first-then visual.


● Ensure all choices on the board are readily available to the learner. It should only be presented on the board as a choice for the learner if it is available.
● Some learners may need help with so many options. Therefore, you may have to reduce the number of icons on the Choice Board.