Frequency data tracking is a way to measure the number of times a behavior occurs within a given period.



Use frequency data when you want to know how many times a specific behavior is occurring within a specific time period. Frequency data tracking should be used with behaviors that can be easily counted and have a clear beginning and end. Do not use frequency tracking for behaviors that occur at extremely high rates (e.g., pencil tapping) or behaviors that occur for extended periods of time (e.g., tantrums lasting an hour)



  1. Fill in each target behavior and its definition at the top of the data sheet.
  2. Assign a target behavior to a column and fill in the target behavior.
  3. Make tallies to track the frequency of each behavior per day or write in the totals from your separate data tracker for each behavior per day.
    • If you choose to tally the frequency of the behaviors on this sheet, keep in mind the average frequency of those behaviors and the amount of space provided on the data sheet.
    • Total the amount of tallies for each behavior, write the number in the same box and circle the number. This makes data entry easier.