This visual will help students learn the structure of the 'I' statement, assisting them with how to share what they are feeling. It also helps expand their vocabulary.



Use this visual with students who struggle to express their emotions verbally. Teach the feelings when the student is calm and ready to learn. When the learner is sad, nervous, or excited, label and point to the emotion the learner is displaying. Modeling and pointing to the feeling will help the learner connect the word to their emotion. Students who can express their feelings in a structured way frequently generalize the skill across multiple settings and situations.



1. Print, laminate, and post on the student's desk or on a clipboard to make the visual portable.
2. Show the students the different feelings and what they may look like. Model what sad looks like and point to the visual.
3. When the student is upset, nervous, or sad, model and point to the visual and state, "I feel ____'.
4. Praise the students when they imitate or when they use independently. Ensure to use specific praise such as, "Thank you for sharing how you feel using your cards. I am so glad that you are excited!"