These visuals are designed to go onto staff lanyards. They allow staff to have quick and easy access to visuals in all areas in the school.



Show these visuals to students who need a prompt to follow directions or help understand the language. Pairing the visual with the spoken word can help teach the directive. However, some students may rely
heavily on verbal prompts, so eliminating the verbal prompt is crucial. That's when you would show the visual without pairing it with spoken language. The first visual, 'praise,' reminds staff to always praise
students for positive and desired behaviors. We can easily get caught making repeated negative statements instead of praising students for good things. Research shows that the praise-to-criticism ratio should be 4:1, meaning that for every criticism, four praise statements should be given to students.



1. Print, laminate, and assemble visuals. Use a hole punch at the top and place together with a binder ring. Add the binder ring to your lanyard.
2. When a student is waiting in line, show them the 'walking feet' and 'hands to self' visual to remind them of expectations in the hall.
3. For students who need prompts to follow directions or focus attention, show them those particular visuals.
4. Depending on your students, they may need a different visual to be created. Adjust the visuals to your class's needs.