A recess chart allows the learner to visually see their options, people, and activities and proceed to make a choice. This chart enables non-verbal learners to communicate during recess because it's easy to use and
portable to take outside. The chart helps learners create and build relationships, increases peer-to-peer interactions, and teaches new functional play skills during recess. Overall, it increases connections for learners.



Use this chart each day before recess. This chart is for learners who may need to learn how to play at recess or are often seen by themselves not engaging with peers. This chart is to encourage peer engagement in addition to learning different games.


1. Print and laminate the chart. Print off pictures of peers for the students to choose and activities they enjoy playing.
2. Present the chart to the learners, asking them who they want to play with at recess. Once they decide, ask them what activity they want to play. Teach the student how to initiate the interaction with the chosen peer and how to play the game.
3. Once learners engage in three positive play activities with peers, they choose their final, fourth activity for the remainder of the recess.