A True Object-Based Icon (TOBI) picture schedule is a visual schedule in which Polaroid pictures are used for the icons. The images are cut out to represent the object's actual shape.



A TOBI picture schedule is great for learners who need a more concrete visual representation to understand the link between the picture and what the picture represents. This schedule is used in the same way as other individual schedules for transitioning between activities, locations, and/or persons the learner will be working with. Individual schedules help build independence and provide the learner with structure throughout their day.



1. Working off the classroom daily schedule, list the learner's activities throughout the day.
2. Take a picture to represent each activity in the learner's day, and cut around the object so it represents the object's true form.
3. Determine where the schedule will be posted or if it is going to be a portable schedule.
4. Determine how the learner will know when to check their schedule (check schedule cue card, an audible signal)
5. Determine how the learner will know when one activity is completed (finished column, ‘all done’ envelope, etc.)
6. Assign a team member to manage the daily setting up of the learner's schedule.
7. Teach the learner how to use their individual schedule.