Stop Sign visuals are a form of visual supports for the environment. They help teach learners how to manage their behaviors. Visual supports in the classroom help students better understand their environment and also assist with remembering the expectations.



Stop Sign visuals should be placed in spaces around the classroom that you do not want the students to go. This may include the teacher’s work/desk area, doors or cabinets. If you have a student who elopes, then these stop signs are a visual reminder to not leave a specific area or the room.



1. Print and laminate the stop signs.
2. Tape or secure the stop sign onto spaces where you do not want the learner to go.
3. Place the stop sign on the door, at eye level, with the students to encourage them not to leave. Also, placing the stop sign on the floor right before the door will aid as another reminder not to leave the space.
4. Teach the learner what the stop sign means. Praise them while practicing what to do when they see a stop sign.
5. When the student follows the visual support and stops when they see the sign, ensure to reinforce their behavior for making a great choice.