A task analysis breaks down a task into smaller steps for the learner to follow. This resource is a step-by-step visual display of the routine hand washing.



Use a task analysis to visually show the individual steps of an activity or routine when a learner is working towards independence on a specific task. This resource is also helpful for staff to follow the steps of the routine consistently when working with the learner.



1. Assess the learner’s ability to wash their hands. Document each step in the task analysis the learner can complete independently.
2. Determine which level of prompting the learner will need to complete each step in the task analysis.
3. Place a laminated copy of the hand washing task analysis in a place that is easy for the learner to see while completing the task.
4. Prompt the learner to wash their hands.
5. Touch or show the learner the hand-washing task analysis and provide the appropriate prompt for each step in the task analysis until the learner has completed the hand-washing routine.
6. Continue to take data as the learner uses the task analysis.
7. Fade the prompt for each step as the learner successfully completes that step.