A task analysis data sheet is used to identify steps of a task or routine and track progress on those steps.This resource breaks down the steps to toileting and provides a table to collect data on the learner’s progress over several days.



Use a task analysis data sheet when a learner is working towards independence on a specific task to monitor and track a learner’s progress on mastering the individual steps of an activity or routine. This resource is also helpful for staff to follow the steps of the routine consistently when teaching and working with the learner. 


How to Use It:

  1. Deliver the initial instruction/cue for the learner to begin to engage in the task/ behavior chain.
  2. Monitor each substep of the task as the learner performs each step of the task.
  3. If the learner completes the substep of the task independently/ correctly without any prompting from the teacher/ instructor, mark a + for that step.
  4. If the learner completes the substep of the task incorrectly or appears to need assistance, provide the learner with the least restrictive prompt necessary to complete the step.
  5. Record the level of prompting given to the learner  to complete the step.
  6. Continue to take data as the learner progresses through each step of the task or routine.
  7. Total the amount of steps the learner was able to complete independently/ correctly without any prompting.
  8. To get the percent correct, divide the number of steps completed independently by the total amount of steps for the entire task or routine.
  9. Fade the prompt for each step as the learner successfully completes that step.